• How to Restore MetaMask Wallet?


    You will need to restore your MetaMask wallet, if: the hardware device on which you had installed the MetaMask wallet is lost.

    you forgot your password for accessing the MetaMask wallet.

    you want to setup your MetaMask wallet on an additional hardware device.


    To restore your wallet, you will need your seed phrase. Please note that your password is not your seed phrase. Your seed phrase is an ordered sequence of 12 words that were generated when you first setup your MetaMask extension. We cannot overemphasize maintaining security of the seed phrase, since anyone with access to the seed phrase can follow these instructions to setup your wallet and transfer your digital assets out of your wallet.


    Forgot MetaMask Password

    If you forgot your password, please click on the MetaMask Fox icon in the top right-hand corner of the Chrome browser. Next, click on “Restore account?” at the bottom of the MetaMask login screen.


    Restore Account Link in MetaMask


    After clicking on “Restore account?”, the MetaMask wallet will appear in a new browser tab in an expanded view. Again, click on “Restore account?” below the “LOG IN” button, which will take you to the screen for entering the seed phrase.


    Expanded View of Restore Account


    Now, you will enter the seed phrase of your MetaMask wallet and proceed to setup a new password.


    Seed Phrase Entry for MetaMask Restore Account


    Enter the seed phrase. This is the same 12-word seed phrase that was generated when you first setup the MetaMask extension. Enter a new password, re-enter your new password to confirm and the “RESTORE” button will be enabled.


    Reset Password with MetaMask Seed Phrase


    After clicking on the “RESTORE” button, your ether (ETH) account balance will be restored.


    MetaMask Account Restored with Seed Phrase


    If you had created additional accounts in your MetaMask wallet, those accounts will be restored as well. However, balances of aPledge tokens will not appear until you click on “ADD TOKEN” and add the public addresses of all the aPledge tokens you owned. Once you’ve added the public address of aPledge tokens in an account, the balances will show up. You repeat this for each account.


    Add Akemona aPledge Tokens to MetaMask Account


    Lost Hardware Device

    Install the Chrome browser on the new device and follow the instructions at https://metamask.io to add the MetaMask extension to the Chrome browser. For more information, please refer to the Akemona instructions for installation of MetaMask: [Link]. Then click the “IMPORT WALLET” button.


    Importing an Account in MetaMask Wallet


    On the following screen enter the 12-word seed phrase and a new password. If the seed phrase is in the right sequence and correct, and the passwords match, the “RESTORE” button will be enabled. Click on the “RESTORE” button to restore your account.


    Importing an Account with Seed Phrase in MetaMask


    Congratulations! You have restored your wallet on a new hardware device. If you had multiple accounts in your old wallet, note that only your primary account will be restored automatically. To restore the other accounts, proceed to create new accounts for each. As you create new accounts, your old accounts will be restored automatically. You will have to add the public addresses of the aPledge tokens that you own in each account by clicking on “ADD TOKEN”. The public addresses of aPledge tokens will be available in your Akemona dashboard. Once you have added the public addresses of your aPledge tokens, you will automatically get your balances updated in your wallet.